Advantages Disadvantages Essay

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Benefits might include comfort, predictability, reliability, chemistry, team-work and balance. Disadvantages might be co-dependence, resistance to change and growth, lack of vision, insight and objectivity. One thing that cults have in common is that they require their members to check their brains in at the door. Independent thinking, questioning the status quo or differences of opinions are not tolerated. Advantages - Friendship, respect, comraderie, and better performance. Disadvantages - You really miss those people once the group splits. I really miss my old football teammates Group Cohesiveness Advantages Over time, members of cohesive groups develop shared values and team loyalty. The familiarity of team members creates smoother, more-effective communication. When working toward a common goal, individual team members bring varied skills and points of view to the project. Group members can fill in for each others' lack of knowledge or shortage of skill. Group Cohesiveness Disadvantages Group conformity and group-think are two of the potential hazards of high group cohesiveness. Group conformity happens when teams members adopt similar behaviors, usually in an attempt to fit in or to reduce disagreements between group members. This set of behaviors becomes the group norm. Team members conforming to group norms may cause lowered productivity or lack of creativity and innovation. Group-think happens when individual group members lose the ability to think for themselves and rely on the group to make their decisions. ANALOGY: The best analogy that I can refer to would be an Ant colony. Having the desire to preserve life at the center of the world as far out from the loneliest worker ant gathering food for the greater good, with an army any protecting against enemy invaders and preserving life.. If your looking for a symbol, I would describe a
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