Advantages And Disadvantages Of Women Entrepreneurs

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2.2 Small Medium Enterprise SMEs are seen as playing an important role in the economies of many countries, thus governments throughout the world focus on the development of the SME sector to promote economic growth (Olawale & Garwe, 2010). According to the Ntsika AnnualReview, in South Africa the SME sector from 97.5% of all businesses South Africa. It generates 34.8% of gross domestic product (GDP) and contributes to 42.7% of the total salaries and wages paid in South Africa (VanVuuren and Groenewald, 2007). A clear definition of SME as provided in the National Small Business Act of South Africa of 1996, as amended in 2003, describes an SME as “a separate and distinct entity including cooperative enterprises and non-governmental organisation…show more content…
2005). By Carter (2003) said providing an overview of research and theory pertaining to female entrepreneurship includes differentiation in personal attributes, demographics, motivation, networks, inhibiting factors and public policy, amongst others, as units of analysis adopted in the female entrepreneurship literature. Specific challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, such as lack of education and training (Shaw, 2004).Female entrepreneurs can be looked as a goal- oriented individual, who throughout her activities commits her self to the society. In addition, her personal beliefs and values intervenes whit the way she experiences the society (Marjosola,…show more content…
The distribution of female employment changed from predominance in the agricultural sector to the secondary industrial sector as the economy shifted from its reliance on agriculture to an emphasis on industry and services. Since 1990, there has been a particularly rapid increase in the share of female employment in the wholesale and retail trade, hotels, and restaurants sector and the financial services sector. Besides that, the importance of skilling and empowering women to take a more productive role in the workforce is the essence of Womenomics that defined in the popular press as the science of understanding and utilizing women’s skills and talents more effectively in today economy. More recently, there has been a notable expansion in gender entrepreneurship literature that has moved away from the question whether gender impacts on business ownership to how gender impacts on business experiences (Henry,

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