Advantages And Disadvantages Of Whig

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Republicanism – the citizens' willingness to subordinate their private to the common good. Whig – a group of British political commentators. Known as radical Whigs. They feared the treat to liberty posed by the arbitrary power of the monarch and his ministers' especially the corruption. Mercantilism - The British economy was based on mercantilism theories. They believed that wealth is power and that wealth is measured by the amount of gold and silver in the country's treasury. Therefore, they looked at the American colonies as tenants, and expect them to furnish row products to Britain and buy imported manufactured goods only from her. Committees of correspondence – an organization. The first was formed in Boston during 1772. Their main…show more content…
2) Not well armed. 3) Not well – united army, tension between south and north. 4) Hated large government: difficult to wage war without organized government. 5) No valued money. 7.the significance of the declaration of independence was that it united all colonies and it made it easier to get foreign aid. Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence in lofty style. He explained their claim for independence in universal terms. All humankind have "natural rights" and because the king flouted these rights the colonies had the right to cut the connection with Britain. 8. French wanted revenge against Britain. She sent arms and supplies an impord later sent 6000 soldiers to help the American in the battle in New York. 9. the importance of Yorktown was a moral boost to American and French forces, and a big defeat for Britain that was ready to come to terms with the Americans. The war was not ended for more then a year latter. 10. the drafting of the peace treaty was done by 3 Americans : Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and John Jay and the British . the terms were favorable to the Americans because Britain recongniezed the independence of America and they granted genourse
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