Advantages and Disadvantages of Summer Essay

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Summer is the warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the southern hemisphere from December to February. I was born on June 25th in Lagos city Nigeria West Africa. In Nigeria, there are only two season in the year which are wet and dry season. The wet season is also known as raining season while the dry season is known as the sunny season. However, vacation time, fastest educational season, and beautiful environment are the positive things of my birthday season while dehydration, higher crime rate, and wild fire are the negative things of my birthday season. Firstly, vacation time is one of the positive aspects of my birthday season. One reason vacation time is one of the positive aspect of my birthday season is traveling experience. People travel a lot in this season which makes it to be best season of the year. This season gives people time to go for picnics and cruises anywhere in the state without thinking of cold or putting winter jacket. People also use this period to do get together or reunion party with their families with their other family from different part of the nation. Some people even use this period to visit other tourist center in the world and people from other part of the world that resided in the United State seized this period to travel to their country of birth to see their properties and love ones. This is the season most people and their families from all over the world also from other states visit the white house either for the first time or revisit. Some people bring their family to Washington DC which is the capital of the United State to looks like visually compare to just looking it in the television or in the movies. Secondly, fastest educational season is the second positive aspect of my birthday season. As we all know that summer class is the fastest and the

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