Smart Trolley Disadvantages

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Advantages of Smart Trolley i. Variety of usage Trolley which provides variety of functions is rarely found in the hypermarket. Despite of that, Smart Trolley is introduced. Nowadays, world is moving fast, so are the people. Shopping often take too much time; have to find for the product on the list, queue to pay, so they seek for something which are easy, convenience, and fast. By having Smart Trolley, the consumers able to balance their budget because the trolley automatically sum up the total of the items placed inside the trolley and so they could see how much they already purchase. Besides, the consumers no longer have to queue for a long time because the product is scan before onward. ii. Speed of service In an environment where the customers are always pressed for time, the speediness is needed when buying things where the customers can easily locate what they want to buy and can get fast. The product which is scanned right after the customers placed it in the trolley, and can pay via credit card help customers get through the hardness of line up to pay for the goods indirectly, reduce traffic jam in the store. To survive in today’s time…show more content…
Consumers also are extremely loyal to their brand and package size and for other products like chocolate bars they may have several brands that they alternatively use. So, they would only crave for the brands they want instead of just grab anything they see. The Smart Trolley allows these types of customers to keep track of the items they are finding for with faster. They do not have to move row by row, here and there just to find one product. They can easily type it on the map and search, the way the GPS operated. In addition, Smart trolley makes it easier for the retailer as well, because it saves them from the hassle of having to keep track of all
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