Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Essay

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International Review of Business Research Papers Vol.4 No.1 January 2008 Pp.364-373 Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Recruitment: A UK Study into Employers’ Perceptions Helen Verhoeven* and Sue Williams** This paper reports on a study into Internet recruitment and selection in the United Kingdom. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of Internet recruitment and selection as identified in literature and considers those against the views of employers in the United Kingdom. The results provide clear evidence that the majority of advantages and disadvantages identified in literature are also experienced by UK employers and help to lay foundations for future research. Field of Research: Human Resource Management 1. Introduction A review of current literature indicates that the use of the Internet and thus Internet technology is changing (Kinder 2000), transforming (Piturro 2000; Searle 2003; Veger 2006) some would say revolutionising (Hansen 1998) the way in which human resource departments recruit job candidates. Nevertheless, very limited research has been carried out in this area to date. Young and Weinroth (2003, p.11) refer in this respect to “the currently minimal field of Internet recruitment literature, while Lievens et al. (2002, p.586) describe it as “very scarce”. Furthermore, existent literature in the areas focuses mainly on the United States of America (USA) rather than on European countries. Reasons for this might be the relative newness of the topic, the rapid pace of change which makes information quickly out of date (Bartram 2000) and the advancement of the practice in the USA. This paper seeks to identify advantages and disadvantages of the use of Internet recruitment and selection and, furthermore, aims to consider those against the views of employers in the United
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