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Advantages and Disadvantages of Eating Chocolate Essay

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Eating Chocolate
Beside its delicious taste, chocolate is good for our health. Studies have shown that dark chocolate, which contains cacao as part of its ingredients, can help in reducing the negative effects of migraine headaches (Russell, 2010). In addition, it can naturally lower blood pressure which is beneficial for diabetes (Russell, 2010). Moreover, it reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer (Russell, 2010). Dark chocolate also contains several chemical compounds that have a positive effect on our mood (Russell, 2010). Thus, eating dark chocolate will also make us feel happier.
On the other hand, some people believe that all kinds of chocolate are high in fat or usually contain many sugars, extra calories, and other unhealthy ingredients for commercial purposes (Harcourt, 2011). They argue that an excess of eating chocolate can contribute to weight gain and other negative effects on human body especially for people having kidney diseases (Harcourt, 2011).
In fact, sugars and fats in chocolate are not bad because they are considered to be the major suppliers of energy that helps us to perform different physical activities (Russell, 2010). Further, the negative effect of eating extra amount of chocolate, which is gaining weight, is not an exclusive bad effect for eating large quantities of chocolate. Actually, any excess of eating any kind of food will lead to obesity problems.
Therefore, anyone can eat the delicious chocolate, enjoy its health benefits, and maintain a healthy weight at the same time with no worry about negative effects provided that the consumption is being balanced within a reasonable amount (Harcourt, 2011). So if you are planning to eat more of chocolate, moderate it by eating less of other things.
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