Advantage Studing in Abroad Essay

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Knowledge is such a powerful tool that possessing it can increase its owner's rewards in front of the God, and decrease nearly all life problems and become valuable person to society. A college or university makes an individual complete and helps us to lead a successful life. Nowadays rush of studying abroad has been gaining its popularity at an amazing rate. Many students choose to attend colleges or universities outside their motherlands. I strongly agree with the given statement. In the following paragraphs I will give some arguments to support my position. The first and foremost reason of studying and living abroad for years is that we may experience a totally different life in contacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. The foreign study experience enlarges student's view of the world, as well as improves one's personality and character. All these undoubtedly lead to an independent, self supporting, resourceful person who will also be sympathetic and generous to other people around which will guarantee a more splendid future in his life and career. Another important reason is that probably only belongs to me and my countrymen. The fact is that after graduating our local universities, we cannot get any international diplomas that cut our chances down to find jobs in foreign countries. In contrast to this mentioned reason, I can say that studying abroad such as in Malaysia, Singapore, UK and US is more profitable, holding an international licensed diploma. In the future we will be able to work or continue our studying abroad without any difficulties. Admittedly, we cannot ignore that studying abroad has its drawbacks. For one thing, every year those who have been studying in foreign countries have to spend approximately 20,000 US dollars for tuition fees which are out of budget of average families. To sum up, after all factors being taken

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