Advantage of Online Shopping

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Advantage of online shopping Based on Davies 1995, Cheeseman and Breddin 1995, shopping on the Internet offers convenience and time-saving benefits to shoppers, as compared to shopping in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Changing consumer lifestyles and lack of time may make it more difficult for consumers to shop at physical locations such as stores and shopping malls. Shopping on the Internet addresses this problem as shoppers can shop in the comfort and convenience of home. The advent of the Internet as a shopping medium has enabled shoppers to gain several benefits. Shoppers can also purchase goods that are unavailable at their location, and are able to bypass restrictive import policies, as the Internet allows shoppers to make purchases from vendors in other locations around the world. Shoppers are able to use the Internet as a powerful research instrument in the purchasing process. Shoppers also able to conveniently obtain reviews and recommendations that are usually unavailable in offline stores. Ernst and Young's report ('Internet Shopping' 1998) concluded that this ability to shop, research, and view potential purchases on the Internet empowered customers and accelerated their purchase decisions. Shopping using the Internet also overcomes the time and financial costs of traditional shopping; shoppers can shop from the comfort and convenience of home, and need not travel to physical storefronts. With online shopping, shoppers no longer have to suffer the costs and incomplete information of traditional search, making product searches easier and more effective. . Simply by viewing different vendor websites, shoppers are able to obtain and compare prices easily, as compared to visiting different physical storefronts, which is costly and time consuming. With price information on the Internet, shoppers are less vulnerable to overpaying when buying from

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