Advantage Of Online Courses

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It seems as we get older, for many obvious reasons like work or family, it can be difficult to find the time to further our education. Demanding family duties and the responsibilities of a full time job can make it virtually impossible to attend school during the day like many people right out of high school often do. In the age of technology we find that many colleges are striving to use technology like the internet to make it easier on the general population to go back to school by offering ways to earn your degree online. Thomas Edison State College offers several degrees, most are available entirely online. Online classes are a blessing and a curse so one must weigh the advantages and disadvantages to taking online courses. Online courses have numerous advantages over conventional schooling methods. For instance, you are more able to work at a pace that is comfortable to you. Time is also a benefit here because there is no set schedule for class hours. One can do their work and attend class at a time that is most convenient to them. Another benefit of not attending a conventional college is your travel expenses for school become non-existent. This is especially beneficial for those in the military in case they are on a deployment or on temporary orders. Unfortunately, along with the benefits, there are certain drawbacks to the online learning environment. There is a lack of personal attention because you are not attending a class where you see and converse with your teacher like you would in an ordinary class environment. Also, one looses the other social aspects of normal education as well. In order to communicate with your peers you have to use other means besides face to face conversation like email or telephone communication. As well as a lack of socialization, another drawback of the online education system is the technological aspect of it all.
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