Advantage Of Artificial Intelligence

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If there is a possibility to create beings that matched or even surpassed our intelligence at a cost of our place at the top of the food chain, is it worth it? Currently, humanity is leading the world, not because of our physicality but cause of our intelligence. Our evolution of our intelligence brought us to where we are today, but some scientists are questioning the potential for us to create machines that perform on the same level as humans intellectually. These hypothetical machines are called artificial intelligence (AI). Our need for AI includes a means of making productivity in jobs more consistent, and automating tedious processes in a quick and cost efficient way. While it may seem like a major advantage to improvement for humanity…show more content…
In Kurzweil’s words, the technological Singularity is defined as “a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed.” Some argue that these robots will be so advanced, that they will rid the Earth of the human species. It is also possible that robots and humans may coexist as we gain knowledge from them and integrate physically and intellectually with them. This process of integration is called transhumanism. The idea is closely related to science fiction – in other words, cyborgs. However many people believe these hypotheses are not merely science fiction, but a weather forecast. The truth of the matter is there’s no predicting how robots will behave when they have thoughts and minds of their own as well as their human-surpassing intelligence. The Singularity is truly a frightening thought. But it is worth noting that the Singularity might not even be possible. The power of our current hardware might be ten orders in magnitude less than the power of the brain. Even the power of a single neuron in the human brain is still unknown. And replicating one is the ultimate task. Perhaps we might not even get there. It is possible that we are nearing the physical limits that hardware presents. The transistors used in current computers are 45 nanometers wide. To put that into perspective, human hair may be as wide as 180,000 nanometers. If we can even approach the level of single digit nanometer transistors, we would have to first fully understand quantum physics, which is will mostly a theoretical topic. The possibility of Superintelligence is still a mystery; however, if it is possible, it will

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