Advantage and Disadvantage of Practicing Sports Essay

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There are both od advantages and disadvantages to spend a plenty of time to practice and play sports. I think that advantages of practicing sports are more than disadvantages of practicing of sports. Firstly, children who play and practice sports have better communication abilities than the other children. If children play team sports; basketball, american football, football and so on, thay have to communicate various things during games and practices. Even if children don't play team sports; they play single sprts; tennis, track and field, swimming, thay talk to their hed coach and manager to improve their skills. However, they who spend on too much time to practice sports don't study and do their homework. It is because they have already been tried the time of study. Secondly, atheletic children will be a star of their class when they have a P.E. class. They usually play a sport, so it is natural that they can play better that the others. For example, a boy who goes to basketball team to play basketball can get scores farther from a goal. They are talked by many classmates and they make friends more and more. Finaly, they have some possibilities to be a pro sports athletes. If they are a pro sports athelete, that is about a advantage. They will be payed attentions, earn a lot of mmoney, and be respected by the whole children. However, they failed to be an thletes, it is defiicult for them to be rich and to get a good job. These are advantages and disadvantages for spending on much time to play

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