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Advantage and Disadvantage of Grants Essay

  • Submitted by: menhyon
  • on August 12, 2013
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The Disadvantage and Advantage of Grants
Menhyon Baker
January 24, 2011
Doretta Zemp

The Disadvantage and Advantage of Grants
Grants are widely used by non-profit organizations, and by institutions that require funding from outside sources. Using grants as a source for financial funding could be a disadvantage to the beneficiary; however, grants can also be an advantage. “The grants that go to local governments’ help municipalities provide basic services and avoid cutting government jobs, thereby reducing unemployment” (2010, para 4). When seeking funds for a non-profit organization, the beneficiary must be aware of the drawbacks. Funders can hold back funds because of the careful way the money is track, and because seeking funds usually consist of large amount of paperwork the process can slow down the response time. It takes a team of writers to put together a good proposal for a grant. Grants are difficult for small organization in rural areas, because funds are limited, and usually set aside for more established programs. Even through grants can work for some organizations; grants may not be the right choice for another.
With all of the disadvantages of federal grants, there are just as many advantages for using grants as a funding source. One of the biggest advantages for seeking federal funding is, organization do not have to pay the money back. Grants provide an important source of funding to various organizations. “Education grants promote the fields and disciplines that the federal government deems most necessary to sustained economic growth and social stability” (2010, para 4), also, grants free non-profits from seeking large loans from corporation, and private sources, which can be impossible to pay back. Grants that are given to local government can help in providing basic services to the needy, and avoid job cuts for government employees; which will cut down on the unemployment rate.
In conclusion, rather the organization is willing...

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