Advantage And Dis Advantage On Mobiles Essay

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COMPANY PROFILE Since 1970, PRINCE is a brand name synonymous with high utility plastic products manufactured by the PRINCE GROUP. PRINCE PIPES & FITTINGS PVT.LTD., an ISO 9001:2000 accredited Company is renowned unit of the group Company which manufactures & markets Zero Defect UPVC, CPVC, PPR Pipes, Fittings & Valves for uses in water connection & distribution system in Construction, Agriculture, Chemical Industries, Commercial Premises, Residential, to name a few & are available throughout India & abroad through a strong dealers network. Our Product range are as follows : 1. PP-R (Polypropylene – Random) PLUMBING SYSTEM : - These pipes & fittings are available from 20 mm to 160 mm sizes. The jointing of Pipes & Fittings is done by fusion method for which special welding machines are made available. Fittings with threaded brass inserts are also available. These pipes & fittings are non-toxic, have good corrosion & chemical resistance, high thermal stability & long working life of more than 50 years. CPVC SMARTFIT TM – PLUMBING SYSTEM : These Pipes are available in Ivory colour from ½” (15 mm) (N.B.) to 2” (50 mm) (N.B.) in SDR 11 & 13.5 Copper Tube sizes & with wide range of fittings in SDR 11, conforming to ASTM 2846. This product is suitable for hot & cold water application. 2. 3. EASYFIT TM UPVC ASTM – PLUMBING SYSTEMS – SOLVENT WELD) : These Pipes & Fittings are available in white Colour from ½” to 4” sizes. Pipes are manufactured as per ASTM-D-1785 in Schedules 40 & 80 (Plain ended) & Fittings are in Schedule 80 as per ASTM D-2467. These Pipes & Fittings are non-toxic, have good corrosion & chemical resistance. 4. SWR SYSTEMS : - Pipes & Fittings are available as per IS & Non-ISI standard from 40 mm to 160 mm. Pipes confirm to Type-A & Type-B as per IS 13592 & Fittings as per IS 14735. These Pipes & Fittings are available in Solvent & Rubber

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