Advancements in the 1920's

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In the 1920’s there was many advancements and changes made. These changes allowed Americans to progress and become more independent. Most of these changes had a positive outcome and gave many people hope for the future. Some of these changes include technology advancements, new genres of music, and change in the roles of women. To begin with during the 1920’s music had a huge impact on many Americans. During this period many popular musicians were discovered. Irving was a musician who had one of the biggest impact on people. He became one of the greatest songwriters in American history. He made popular music that reached the heart of average Americans. Tin Pan Alley also helped bring new genres of music into the music industry. In this area of New York many musicians experimented and created different genres of music. This added energy and creativity to the industry. These free spirited musicians helped develop genres of music for American people to enjoy. Another Advancement during the 1920’s would be technology. There were many inventions that were invented by scientist and creative thinkers. The radio became a popular product among many people. Radios helped bring people around the World together as well as families. During this time Henry Ford’s Mode T became popular because it was affordable and more accessible to the middle class. There were also many other inventions that were developed such as airplanes, telephones, and house hold materials. These technology advancements gave hope to people and made their lives easier and more entertaining. Lastly, after World War one many women took over the jobs of men and learned to be independent. These women changed their appearance; they began to wear skirts and gave up their corsets. This “new breed” of women known as flappers wore their hair in a bob, listened to jazz, wore a lot of makeup , smoked , and

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