Advancement of Computer Essay

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Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER 5 2. FINDING AND ANALYSIS 6 2.1. ONLINE SHOPPING, PAYMENT AND BUSINESS USE 6 2.2. ADVANCEMENT IN GADGETS 7 2.3. CREATE VISUAL EFFECT 9 3. CONCLUSION 10 4. REFERENCES 11 1. INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER Computer is an electronic device which follows the instructions from the memory to collect data, process data into information and store the results in storage for the future use. Computer has evolved from year 1940 until today and is defined to five generation of trend. First generation is from year 1940 to 1956. Firstly, the computers are large in size, slow performance, expensive and the results are untrustworthy. ENIAC, Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, is developed by Eckert and Mauchly in 1946. It used vacuum tube to operate. In year 1951, they designed the UNIVAC, Universal Automatic Computer, which can calculate about 10,000 additions per second. In the second generation of computers from year 1956 to 1963, the computers are changed to use transistors as they are small components used to transfer electronic signals across a resister. They are faster, lesser heat expressed and even more reliable to use. For the year 1964 to 1971 is the third generation of computers exists. IBM 370 starts to be used in year 1964 with few models. It was mainly used for business and scientific programs. By the way, the first 256 bit Random Access Memory (RAM) as the basis for 1 K bit RAM was developed in this generation. The next generation is from year 1971 until today. In 1971, Intel was the first to create the microprocessor and in 1976, the idea of first Apple brand computer is created by Steve Jobs. IBM also introduces its first personal computer into the market in year 1981. Nowadays, branded computers such as Apple Macintosh, Acer, Dell and others are operated with the technology of

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