Advanced Pathophisiology Essay

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Safety, Communication and Placement for the Older Adult Student’s Name Institution Safety, Communication and Placement for the Older Adult Discharge refers to releasing the patient from a health care facility after undergoing a treatment. It should be done such that there will be less chances of the patient to be readmitted. There are simple discharges – those which a patient will be allowed to go home with no plans of follow-ups and home delivery – and complex discharges – ,which patients needs extra care and referral to a care facility. Discharge planning is meant to decide the requirements of a patient when there is a transition from the health care facility to a different environment. As the case manager, my colleagues and I analyze the information got from Mr. Trosack and his family. We identified the health care issues to consider when devising the discharge plan. One of the issues is that Mr. Trosack has a hearing impairment on his left ear and does not have an accurate eyesight. This is because he wears glasses when reading. This is an imperative issue to consider in formulating a discharge plan. If Mr. Trosack is to go to a referral facility, they have to be informed on this condition so that proper care can be accorded to him. For instance he may decide to stroll around the facility some day and a hurrying vehicle can injure him because he will not hear the caution from the driver. They also need notify him the time to take the prescribed drugs, as he may not be able to read for the time well. The other issue is that he has been diagnosed with hypertension and non-insulin dependent diabetes. There were prescriptions given to him to control the conditions. The discharge plan has to include these prescriptions and someone who will be ensuring that he is given the medicine. It has been found that Mr. Trosack

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