Advanced Microprocessors Essay

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Chapter 2-Part1: Internal Architecture and Real Mode Software Architecture ECP4166- Advanced Microprocessors Tutorial 2 Part 1 1. What is the value of the double word stored in memory starting at address B0004H if the contents of memory locations B0004H, B0005H, B0006H and B0007H are 11H, 22H, 33H and 44H respectively? Is this an example of an aligned double word or a misaligned double word? How would the decimal number +127 be stored in the memory starting at address 0B000H? Assume that it is coded in packed BCD form and that the least significant digits are stored at the lower addresses. State how a floating-point value of 178.625 is stored as single precision real number? How much memory can be active at a time in the 80386DX based microcomputer? How to activate other parts of the 1M memory? Code Segment starts at 10000H, Data Segment starts at 20000H, and Data Segment (F) starts at 2FFF0H. Specify (with reason) for each pair of segments whether they are contiguous, overlapping or disjoint. What happens to the value in IP each time the 80386DX completes an instruction fetch? How large is the 80386DX’s instruction prefetch queue? In an operation of copying a block of memory to another location, which registers are useful in this operation? What is the difference between carry flag and auxiliary carry flag? What are the lengths of the components of the logical address of the 80386DX in real mode? What is the length of the corresponding physical address? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Find the unknown value for each of the following physical addresses. a) A000H : ? = A0123H b) ? : 14DAH = 235DAH 11. If the current values of SS and SP are C000H and FF00H respectively, how many words of data could possibly be held in the stack? If the AX register is pushed on the register now, what memory locations are affected? Tri 3, 2009-2010, Jan 2010

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