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Jessenia Pena – Master Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist – - (718)219-6134 October 19, 2012 Makeup by Jess Jessenia Pena P.O. Box 1520 New York, NY 10185 Chloe Rennquist-Hellinger Executive Loan officer Small Business Administration 123 Loan Avenue New York, NY 12345 Dear Chloe Rennquist-Hellinger: I have written this letter, as requested, to extend my loan with you in order to continue receiving financing for my business. Below is a detailed analysis of how the funds received through your SBA Loan - Startup Business program have been applied. My current SBA loan has been used for Marketing and Advertising, Overhead expenses, and the purchase of professional cosmetic supplies and equipment. The chart below shows the areas I focused on in order grow my company. [pic] • Makeup & Hairstyling Inventory - $2312.00 In order to begin serving my clients, it was imperative that I have a complete Professional Makeup and Hairstylist kit; one that is not only functional, but portable that also portable. This area consists of purchases of professional grade cosmetics, beauty supplies and equipment that is vital to the operations of my business. Please see the last page for the inventory list of the original purchases. Studio: 123 Beauty Lane, New York, NY 10185 - Mailing: P.O. Box 1520, New York, NY 10185 • Marketing and Advertising - $2450.00 In addition to having the right materials to begin providing services, I needed to attract clients and prospective business associates to my company. A complete portfolio and marketing resources was achieved. |Portfolio – Digital and hardcopy | |$1,000.00

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