Advance Program Management Final Paper

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Portfolio Management Plan Course project PROJ587 May 2013 Keller Graduate School of Management Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary The Garmin Company * Industry * Mission, Vision and Values * Market analysis 2. Strategic Plan 3. Organizational Strategic Capacity Plan 4. Portfolio Management Plan 5. Project Selection Criteria 6. Program Management Plan 7. Conflict Management Plan 8. Conflict Resolution Plan 9. Change Management Plan 10. Resource Utilization Plan 11. Conclusion / Identify areas of conflict / cost schedule 12. References Executive Summary Project management evolved as a discipline around WWII and gained full importance with space and defense programs of the late 1950’s. During the 1960’s, project manager writers studied the history and characteristics of hundreds of projects for successes or failure to achieve budget, schedule or performance objectives. The most common and identifiable element on the most successful projects was the quality, depth and early planning by the project management team. (Duke 1977) (Mishra 2005) During the 1990’s, concepts of “Management by projects” began to evolve into what today may be one of the most important practices of industry, strategic selection and management of projects providing the most value and benefit to the organization. Effective strategic project selection and management is as important to the organizations sustainability as in-depth planning is to the success of the individual project. The strategic selection and alignment of projects may be based upon what type of business the company performs, resources or market analysis, but it is the mission, vision and values of the organization that the entire project portfolio selection and management process must be aligned with, support, and “fit”.

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