Adultery Out of Control in Marriages Today

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Adultery out of Control in Marriages Today Kwesi Yansen English Composition 122 Prof. Mary Harmon 24 March 2010 Adultery out of Control in Marriages Today In a day when many people are living in open sexual sin, either living together without marriage, or living with another person’s wife or divorcing and remarrying at will, it is time to consider what the Lord says about this subject. We are to follow the Word of God, not our opinions, or what appears right and convenient to us. All marriages are ordained of God. God joins a man and a woman in an unbreakable bond until death parts them. This is the case, even if the wedding vows were exchanged in a registry office between two people. Anyone who comes between a man and a woman who are joined commits adultery. If there is sexual unfaithfulness in a marriage, divorce is permissible, although not commanded. Ideally, there should be repentance by the guilty party and restoration. The only ground of divorce is adultery. “Incompatibility,” boredom with one’s spouse, poverty, sickness, lusting for a younger or prettier or wealthier woman, etc., cannot be grounds for divorce. The Lord recognises one and only one ground for divorce and no ground for remarriage. Divorce on any ground other than adultery is itself adultery: “Whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery” (Matthew 5:32). When a man and woman are joined together in holy matrimony they then become one in God. In today society there are many marriages that are falling apart and failing because of adultery. Adultery seems to be a natural thing to do in society today, some people see it as being normal because others are doing it. When committing adultery there are many consequences faced for committing the act. Consequences that could be faced after the act includes; Divorce, financial
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