Adult Obesity Essay

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Imagine a world with walking and talking greasy big macs, crisp/hot chicken and gooey brownies. Now that your mouth is salivating think about the saying you are what you eat. Take some time and evaluate what food you would be, some people may be a whopper while others maybe a salad. The problem with our society today is that we let ourselves go, as in our obesity rates going up with our waist lines. Adult obesity rates in America jumped 27.6% in the past two years alone. That is due to the inadequate diet and lack of exercise that we provide for ourselves. Now that you have that saying and already know what food you are think about the 80/20 rule. The rule is that we look like 80% of what we eat and only 20% on what we do (Reale). So some of us may be a whopper with running shoes and a sweatband on, while others may be a cheesy pizza on a couch. A way to elevate the inflation in adult obesity is to eat a balanced diet and do 30 min of daily exercise where it is mandatory in the work place. This will not only benefit the person as one but our society as a whole, it will make you more efficient in whatever you do and it will help our next generation to be a healthy generation. Being a healthy society means being a healthy human being. When you are healthy it reduces your risk for depression, anxiety attacks, cancer and many diseases (CDC). That will not only benefit you but it will also help the cost of healthcare go down due to the fact of less people will need to go seek medical treatment for preventative illnesses. Since tax payers pay for healthcare costs, instead of rising costs we can use our tax payer money to help build up neighborhoods, schools and keep our city clean instead of paying for someone’s medical care because they can’t take care of themselves. The increase in obesity rates have a direct correlation to the increase in taxes and healthcare costs

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