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Micro - Teach Evaluation Ptlls - S.Khan 21/072013 FAO: D. Laud MICRO TEACH EVALUATION Planning and Preparation As I began the session it was clear to me that my session plan could have had much more detail and more clarification of the aims and objectives. I had not planned with enough detail, especially judging the amount of time needed for each of the elements of my lesson. Definitely more rehearsal and running through the session to establish timings although i was able to adapt since my subject knowledge was good. I had some peer feed back regarding clarity of aims and objectives generally comments were good. My session plan needs improvement since it has to be interpreted by my colleagues if the need arises so they can deliver a lesson in my absence and such like. Again more detail and clarity. Teaching and Learning Strategies. I used a variety of teaching strategies - Q&A, handouts, lots of discussion and feed back, formal and informal as well as illustrations and a quick quizz to ascertain if learning had taken place. The feed back from peers was very positive most said they enjoyed the pace and the key information was communicated. Resources My use of props and humour was received well, although it would enhance the learner experience if I utilised ict’s and incorporated them into the lecture, dependent on the design of the task this would be another good feedback tool as well as being able to identify different language abilities especially in my specialist industry since key info can be communicated more effectively with illustrations and short videos. I had prepared a short video however on the day I felt there was not enough time to include it in the session. Again another indicator that my planning and preparation needs, more practice run throughs. Communication I was at ease in communicating with my group

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