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Individual Case Study “The Adult Learner” How Do I Learn As An Adult? Adult Learner Profile: The adult learner I chose to do my case study on is a woman that has been in the “working world” for 21 years. She is highly motivated to learn new material, whether it be for professional or personal reasons. Her educational background consists of an Associates degree Business Science and additional work that brings her close to having her Bachelor’s degree. She has also studied journalism, art, and has had vocal training. She attended both Hiawassee and University of Tennessee. During her major studies, she desired more emphasis on marketing. Her motivation lies in having such a diverse area of interests and always wanting to be able to keep up with the conversation. She enjoys learning new things because of the challenge, which stimulates your brain as well as looking good on the resume. She sees herself as a life-long learner. This adult learner considers herself to be a hands-on, visual type learner that prefers to be an active participant. She has difficulty retaining information presented in a straight lecture format. Her style includes taking brief notes during training and reviewing them immediately along with reviewing the needed parts. She stated that she generally retains more when participation in voluntary rather than forced. She considers herself to be slightly above the average adult learner in most areas due to her high motivation level, her positive attitude, and the fact that she tends to pick things up easily. In order to consider the training or learning situation successful, she looks at the amount of material that was retained from the learning. Her enjoyment level and whether the material will be useful in furthering her career also factors into her decision as to whether the training was a success. Earning continuing education points is

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