Adult Education Policy Essay

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Assessment Task One Adult Education Policy in Context In this paper I will discuss a labor Policy “Skilling Australia for the future”. I will analyse and interpret this document by defining what type of policy it is and how it is best understood, by examining the framework involved in the development of this policy. As I analyse the policy I will discuss its effectiveness and determine whether the decision makers have taken into account the impact that this policy will have on Vocational Education Training practitioners, and how it will impact on the wider community. Policy is 1) a line of argument rationalizing the course of action of government; "they debated the policy or impolicy of the proposed legislation" A plan of action adopted by an individual or social group; 2) "It was a policy of retribution"; "a politician keeps changing his policies" ( Policies do not normally dictate what to do; they create circumstances in which the range of options available in deciding what to do are narrowed or changed, or particular goals or outcomes are set. (Ball, 1993, p, 46) There are two types of Policy; Public and Private. Public Policy is determined by politicians and how they believe they can make differences, they are a course of action by Government designed to attain specific results. Private policy is designed and implemented by non government bodies. (Bridgman & Davis 2004, p, 5) Skilling Australia for the future is a good example of a public policy, because it is driven and implemented by the Labor Government in order to address an issue which will impact on the Australian economy. Skills shortage is an issue that can not be ignored and requires the input of other agencies to combat the issues. Only a political drive can implement this policy by the assistance of other government bodies

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