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TITLE PAGE Issues facing adult education as a discipline and field of study Student’s name Student’s grade course Tutor’s name 7th march 2011 Abstract Adult Education has played a very important role in the fight against poverty. It refers to pursuing education at a later time in life outside the normal schooling system of basic education. Despite the fact that it has become accessible to most adults, there are several factors that affect those who continue their studies into adulthood. This paper highlights some of the issues widely affecting adult education both as a discipline and a field of study focusing on how each issue has an impact on this kind of education. Issues facing adult education as a discipline and field of study Adult education is an education system providing new adult learners with the opportunity to learn thus enhancing their literacy. This enables them become respectable and productive members of the society and equip them with the necessary skills to obtain well paying jobs .in the competitive job market. One of the factors affecting adult education is the notion of the knowledge that the students have already accumulated. This affects the speed of learning, for they are more likely to possess prior knowledge on the subject being studied. Similarly habits of bad practice can also be learned in adulthood then be difficult to eradicate (Bergervin, 1967). Instances where students have voluntarily joined adult education, they have realized exactly what they want to learn, and the important for them to continue despite their difficulties. In addition, adult learners are often more aware of the financial and time implications of enrolling on a course later in life. Most adult schools focus on offering language skills to low level learners and moving middle level learners whose main focus is completing high school education and

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