Adp Industry Analysis

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ADP INDUSTRY ANLYSIS REPORT Small Business Payroll Solutions Table of Contents Section Title Page Number * Executive Summary__________________________________________ 2 * Introduction ________________________________________________ 3 * Objective____________________________________________________4 * Competitive Environment______________________________________5 * Customer Environment _______________________________________10 * Channel Environment ________________________________________14 * Controls Environment ________________________________________17 * Company Environment _______________________________________21 * Conclusions & Recommendations_______________________________28 * References__________________________________________________29 Executive Summary The Payroll Service industry is a highly demanded and necessary industry for almost all businesses; making accurate and perfect calculations, following all tax obligations, report making, and printing and delivering of checks. Performing stated tasks will increase overhead as the business would have to do all of these things in-house, and generally not by the owner themselves; not to mention if any tax filing omissions can cause real trouble to the business. Many companies chose to outsource their payroll to reduce overhead, although if the payroll service company is chosen poorly you’re doomed with headache and perpetual frustration. The payroll industry consists of companies involved in the following without also providing bookkeeping, accounting, or billing services. Billing services pertaining to pay rates, deductions, hours worked per pay period, and other payroll-related data from clients; with that information they are able to do tax filings, paychecks, and payroll reports. These payroll industries uses data

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