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TERRANEY ROACH “SUPPORTING ADOPTIONS” CHILD PSYCHOLOGY APRIL 22, 2011 There are a number of reasons why children are adopted. I believe that the adoption program is great because it allows children to be placed in a better situation in which they were in before. I support different couples adopting because diversity is what the world is made up of. I was a single parent all the up until I got married and my children came out fine. Adoption gives children the opportunity to feel as if they are loved, it has both a positive and negative effect on the child that’s being adopted, and it gives parents who may never be able to have children the opportunity to raise a child that really needs it. When a child comes home to their new parents as an infant, they are unaware of the situation in which they were placed in. All they know as “mommy and daddy” are the people that raised them. But, sometimes children are adopted in their teen years and it has a bigger effect on them. Some children may feel as if they are unwanted, unloved, and unappreciated. They are in and out of foster homes with different people. Spending holidays with new families every year and having to deal with an attachment that doesn’t always last forever. But once a child finds a permanent home, the outcome can be outstanding. Children learn to love, they learn discipline and they also learn what it feels like to be loved. I believe that adoption is a good thing because it gives children the chance to have a new start on life. Even if they are too young to remember, it stills allows them a better opportunity to become a “normal” child just like most of the kids in the society today. For children that are aware of being adopted, it gives them the chance to feel loved. It makes them feel wanted and it also allows them to experience what it feels like to have a real family. Most children that are in

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