Adoption Vs Suicide Essay

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The problems of the Adoption System and the Issues of Self Euthanizing. Why does the problem exist? 1. This problem exists because there are many families incapable of procreating, but also because there are women who are pregnant but feel that they are either unprepared or incapable of caring for a child. But there is a system the government must go through to ensure the child’s safety before setting them up with their adoptive parents. 2. The problem that is self suicide exists due to the many circumstances that may render a person immobile, paralyzed, or otherwise vegetative of body but not of mind. Being completely lucid to the human form, especially when it belongs to one’s self, deteriorating can be much harder to cope with for some than with others. Many believe that if the person is completely able to make the decision then it should be up to them whether they choose to live or die. What comes to be an issue for many is the religious beliefs of some or the moral beliefs of others. What is the background of the problem? 1. Backgrounds of this problem may include infertility and relinquishing the parental rights to children. 2. People who believe themselves incapable of returning to their former state of function make up the base for assisted suicide. How does the problem impact you or society? 1. The impacts caused to society are the families who want to adopt and the person giving the child up for whatever reasons. Then on to parents who had given up their children and later wished to have them back. Families trying to adopt may find it harder to get into the system of adoption whereas all the person having said child has to do is give the baby up. 2. A higher level of depression and a decrease in hope in people. Society may see that person as a burden if there is no possibility of that person becoming and/or resuming a contributory place in

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