Adoption, The Right Choice Essay

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Adoption, The Right Choice Many children in the world do not have parents that want or love them. Many parents want children but due to physical impairments cannot have them. Some women get pregnant and do not want to be a parent and look for alternate ways to dispose of the pregnancy. All children would be better off to have a home and belong to a family with parents to love and care for them. Adoption is an alternative to abortion, unprepared or teen pregnancy, and infertility. I believe promoting the choice of adoption greatly benefits all of society. Adoption can act as an alternative to abortion. Placing a child in the adoption program would save his or her life. The child would grow up with parents who are ready, willing and anxious to rear children of their own. By carrying an infant to full term in a pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby, the birth mother has already achieved a huge success. Therefore, her choice of placing her child for adoption over having an abortion can lighten the load of guilt that she may feel pressing down upon her. The mother can choose to remain anonymous in the adoption system. This can also help her to know that the risk of a confrontation or unexpected visit later on in the child’s life can be easily avoided (Lyons). The biological mother can once again feel free to live the life she has always wanted without the worry of having an abortion in the back of her mind (Lyons). A pregnant teen-age girl or unprepared mother can also benefit greatly from adoption. Motherhood, as seen by many young girls, would become an overwhelming sacrifice that they may choose to avoid. A pregnant teen may not want the burden of a child that she has not prepared herself for. The choice of adoption for her and her child would allow her to finish her schooling, which could be very difficult while raising a child. Also, the child could cause

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