Adoption Rights Essay

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Homosexuality is still a controversial topic and is beginning to become accepted from more people. When it comes down to children becoming newly adopted by members of a homosexual family, opinions are raised as many highly disagree. Those of the Homosexual community however, are fully capable of raising their children and providing them with a family even though the parents will result in the same sex. Adopting a child can be successful by a same sex couple by being good role models, supporting and able to provide care as opposite gender parents. These qualities must be met by any parents and are fully achievable by same sex parents. For generations, children have grown up in family environments having a mother and a father of opposite sex who each play their specific roles. As we near the future, parental roles are changing for each the mother and the father. No longer do we look at the father for being the main income provider and the mother as the main raiser of their children. Their roles have become more equal and have many at time swapped, meaning the male figure has become the stay at home dad and the female figure has become the main provider. The same goes for same sex couples, they are fully capable of attributing equal duties and roles in upbringing their adopted children. However, when it comes down to the idea of two people of the same sex raising a child, negative opinions are raised. A child who is placed in an orphanage no longer has a family and by being adopted is immediately placed in a family having their life turned around for the best. Being adopted by either straight couple or a homosexual couple will be in the best interest to the child as same sex couples are equally capable of being good role models to the child. Any adult in a child's life has the capability to teach that child good manners, responsibility and raise them to be

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