Adoption Research Study Essay

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Literary review of on the emotional, psychological, And Academic development of adopted children Abstract According to research, adopted children are at a higher rate to develop emotional, social and academic development delays that their non-adopted peers. There is a multitude of factors that contribute to these findings. The following literary review describes a few of the research methods used that comprise the research endeavor used to address these findings. The literary review is crucial to understanding the various dimensions that comprise comprehensive research. A literary review is way to summarize and synthesize the sources used in research. To summarize research in a literary source means to recapitulate important features of a given study. To synthesize an academic study is to rephrase the study’s significance and demonstrates how it relates to current works. The literature review presents others’ ideas, but the voice of the person doing the literary review remains the center of focus. In any research endeavor, the literary review is an essential part of the research. Literature reviews provide a comprehensive guide to a particular research topic. Literature reviews give an overall picture of the topic being discussed and act as a spring board to the specific components of a research project. For scholars, the depth and breadth of the literature review emphasized the credibility of the writer in the researched filed. Literature reviews also provide a concrete background for a research paper’s foundation. A literary review attempts to summarize and synthesize the components of the topic being discussed. Components that are typically found in a literary review typically include: books, professional journal articles; and various other media sources such as magazines, and internet publications. The focus of my research topic

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