Adoption Of Open Source Software (Oss) Essay

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[pic] University of Bahrain College of Information Technology Department Of Information System October 2006 [pic] [pic] [pic] Project Title: Adoption of Open Source Software (OSS) at firm-level in Kingdom of Bahrain Students: |Name |Student ID | |Mahdi Fawzi Assadi |20022595 | |Khalid Jaffer Ahmed |20024733 | Supervisor: Dr. Tariq Al-Sindi Head of Information System Department, University of Bahrain Major aims To identify an OSS model designed specifically to the Bahraini market and to measure the impact of implementing OSS model within organizations in Bahrain. Significance of our research The significance of our research can be presented as the followings: • Introducing innovative method of developing and distribution of systems or software's within OSS model. • It's proven benefits in well-known areas such as server operating system. • The ability to customize the systems or software's within OSS model. • The ability to integrate the OSS with no or little trouble. • Improve business flexibility by having different development methods within OSS model. Our research model: The figure below will show the relationship between our dependent and independent variables. [pic] Research question(s): Will the amount of OSS community involvement for a given OSS impact the firm-level adoption of OSS? Will the reliance of a specific vendor on adopting the OSS impacts greatly the adoption of OSS at the firm level? Will the configurability of OSS effects the firm-level adoption of OSS? Are the number of OSS providers and supporters impact the adaptation of OSS at firm-level? Are the companies in

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