Adoption in American Essay

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Adoption in American: Searching for a Family Have you ever thought about being a foster parent or adopting a child? Two-hundred and fifty thousand children are removed from their biological families and placed in foster care annually in the United States. (Sparks) Many children will be returned to their biological families after measures are put in place to ensure their safety and well-being. What about the children that are not returned to their families? I have learned that approximately 120,000 children are adopted annually in the United States, but 115,000 children are left in foster care searching for there forever families. (Brukas 70-7) Adoption allows these children to become part of a family. The need for adoption arises when children are removed from their biological families or birth families surrender their rights and place the child for adoption. Children awaiting their permanent families are placed in a foster home, group home, or orphanage. Children are often left waiting to be adopted for long periods of time or not being adopted prior to the age of 18. Studies have proven that children that are adopted achieve greater overall success than their peers that are left in foster care or group homes. (Christofferson 230) Children living in foster care have generally faced extensive abuse, neglect, or maltreatment to necessitate removal from their home and biological family. The traumatic events surrounding the child’s removal from their home and biological family will impact their immediate development and possibly their future development. (Brukas 70-7) When children are removed from their homes, their biological parents are offered services to eventually allow for the re-unification of their family. The Department of Children and Families main objective is to keep families together. They provide families with access to services and interventions to

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