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It is often said that for each individual, family is the craddle of life and love, where they are born and grow. Family offers an atmosphere of affection and warmth where we learn about truth and where moral values such as responsibility and solidarity are taught. However, not every individual is given the gift of having one, and more often than not, they either lose their parents or the latter are, for different reasons, not up to the challenge of bringing them up or cannot cater for their needs. Thus, in those cases, adoption is the most suitable course of action to follow. Throughout this essay I will try to show why, in many cases, adopting a child will do more good than harm. It is a fact that adoption is an act of generosity on the part of the ones who decide to embark on such a difficult task. After an adoption, parents assume all legal responsibilities that a biologycal parent normally would, including duties of all types of care. Only somebody with sheer determination can go trough this life changing experience. A staggering amount of couples are willing to commit themselves to provide their children with a loving home which grants them stability and a sense of security which allows them to grow up in an environment which brings about harmony and support. Furthermore it provides parents who are unable to give birth with the possibility of experiencing parenthood, and therefore, the joys and rewards that these can bring. What is more, it also helps children who do not have the fortune of having a loving home to find one which every child deserves and which is a true blessing. No human being in the world can deny that rearing a child is one of the most rewarding experiences somebody may go through. In a son, one can mirror one´s self, and this is a pleasure which nobody should miss out. On the other side of the spectrum, many people

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