Adoption Essay

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Gay adoption is a very controversial topic. People can be very opinionated about this subject, and there many different views about this topic as well. There is no right or wrong to gay adoption it is all on a person’s morals or beliefs. First off what is adoption? Adoption is the legal and social transfer of all parental rights, responsibilities, and roles from one parent or parents, usually biological, to a non-biological parent or parents. (Definition of adoption) In such a transfer, adoptive parents accept the same rights and responsibilities as the child’s birth parents would have had, while the child becomes a member of a family that provides the social, emotional, and physical nurturing that children need to grow up to be healthy, functioning adults (“adoption.” Compton’s by Britannica, Encyclopedia Britannica.) As of today there are only three states that prohibit gay adoption, Florida, Mississippi, and Utah. A similar law is being challenged in Arkansas, so a fourth state might be added to the list. Twenty-nine states, including the District of Columbia, permit gay adoptions, and the rest are neutral in their adoption statuses. Florida speaks out by banning gay adoption in September 2010. Ruling that adoption by gay residents unconstitutional. The S. Petersburg Times called it a victory for all who believe in dignity and equality, but it carries special weight for the children in state care awaiting permanent homes. (St. Petersburg Times, 24 Sept. 2010. “Gay Adoption Ruling Needs to be Affirmed.”) The reason most given by opposers of single-sex adoption is that a child will do best with a mother and a father. People also often give the reason that the children will be damaged psychologically from having same-sex parents. People who are supporters of same-sex adoption or even just researchers curious about the answer to this question have done many tests

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