Adopt a Pet Today Essay

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Madison Montanus Professor Beck ENC1101-193678 7 February 2015 Adopt a Pet Today When someone is thinking about buying a new pet they usually do not look in those abandoned, depressed, and noisy local animal shelters. Instead, people look online or even go through breeders, which ask for high prices on any type of pet. I am one of those people who go into Petsmart every Saturday and see these unfortunate, lovable pets without a home. Honestly, I cannot encourage enough that everyone should adopt from a local animal shelter. I can give numerous reasons to why everyone should save their money and look in their local shelter. If I were to narrow it down here are three reasons to adopt your new best friend: if someone adopts they can save a life, when someone adopts they get a healthy pet, and when someone adopts they will not be supporting puppy mills and pet stores. Firstly, if someone adopts they will save a life. According to the Humane Society around two million-seven hundred-thousand adoptable cats and dogs get euthanized every year in the United States. This happens because people do not adopt these pets, and people keep bringing animals in because they cannot take care of their animals or they move, so what happens is they create a surplus of animals. By creating a surplus of animals this makes the local shelters have to minimize the amount of pets at the shelter so they kill them to make more spots for new animals that are coming in. At the shelters there is limited space so the staff members have to make hard decisions to euthanize the animals who have not been adopted. The number of euthanized animal can be reduced if more people start adopting from these shelters, instead of buying. By adopting someone will help save the lives of two animals- the pet that person adopts and a homeless animal somewhere that can be rescued because of the space that that

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