Adonis Breakthrough Essay

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Adonis breakthrough I think one of the peculiar strengths of this work is that it is an evil twist on one of the mantras of this country, and that is that "all men are created equal." We all know that is not the truth; each person has strengths and weaknesses that set him or her apart from others. And anyway, the mantra applies to legal rights, and not personal characteristics. But I think that we all can understand where Vonnegut is coming from here, because at least once in all our lives, I'd wager, we all have said something like "that's not fair!" when someone has a natural advantage over us, such as beauty, or athleticism, or grace. I know that I have, and probably often, and I rarely correct the error in saying it too. Sometimes I honestly believe it. Harrison Bergeron is the story of that notion gone wild. The government in the story has decided to appoint Diana Moon Glampers as the Handicapper General of the nation, and she takes her job very seriously. Everyone who has any desirable characteristic about them also has a man made artifice designed solely to counteract that characteristic. The purpose is to have a population of people who are all equal and have the same chances at success. Well, you can't easily make the stupid smart, so Glampers has chosen the path with the least obstacles and has required all those citizens with fine working brains to wear an ear piece that periodically emits some sort of screeching noise to drive thoughts out of their minds before they can nest and produce anything useful. Ballerinas get bags of buckshot and combat boots. Handsome men get blackened teeth and clown noses. Beautiful women get masks and the strong are weighted down with scrap metal. The titular character is a seven foot tall Adonis who as been imprisoned for plotting to overthrow the government, but has escaped and has fled to the stage of a televised

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