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Adonis Essay

  • Submitted by: hfoutris
  • on March 6, 2014
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Adonis and the Bachelorette

Dating shows are usually composed of drama filled situations purely to entertain.
However, Adonis starts from the quintessential drama provoker. He is a man not only of heroism
wisdom, but also renowned for his looks.   Adonis is believed to be the most handsome man
in all of Greek mythology.   He is in love with Aphrodite, and she reciprocated the feeling.  
Aphrodite’s husband Ares is jealous of Adonis, so he decided to get revenge.  

​ Adonis, above all other contestants is the most handsome man and renowned in Greek
Mythology for his wisdom and courage. Due to this, he is a worthy to be a contestant
on the Bachelor. His main reason for why he should be on The Bachelor is his key relationships.  
To begin, Adonis is a great man with many different aspects to his life.   “Adonis although did
Foutris 2
not choose he is the beloved of Aphrodite and Persephone.”   Adonis’s characteristics and key
relationships are great examples of why he should be on the Bachelorette.   Another example of
why Adonis should be on the Bachelorette is because of his amazing hunting skills.   Adonis is an
extremely talented hunter and can easily win the bachelorette’s heart with this manly quality.
During Adonis’s life two women by the names of Aphrodite and Persephone were both in love
with Adonis.   They both began to fight over Adonis.   This was eventually settled by Zeus, who
stated that he would spend half the year with Aphrodite and half with Persephone.   This is how
the seasons were created, and why they change.   However, some might say that Adonis is
beautiful but lacks skill.   In contrast to these less eligible bachelors, Adonis is a great huntsman
and demonstrates many applicable and attractive skills.   Overall, there are plethora examples of
why Adonis should be on the Bachelorette.

​ An example of why Adonis is above all the best choice to be on the
Bachelorette is his major events in his life.   When Adonis...

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