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Adolph Eichmann, one of the top perpetrators in the Holocaust, was born in 1906. Eichmann started out in the Austrian Branch of the SS in 1932. Later on that year he was appointed to a full SS position. Eichmann was sent to the administrative office of Dachau. In 1934, Eichmann transferred to the SD. He was appointed to a high rank and assigned to the headquarters. In 1939, Eichmann was assigned to the RSHA department that dealt with the evacuation of Jews. In 1942, Heydrich invited Eichmann to attend the Wannsee Conference. Eichmann wrote the protocols for the Wannsee Conference. Eichmann was also given the task of Transportation Administrator. His job was to arrange all the trains which would carry Jews to the Death Camps in Poland. For…show more content…
"One day he hung a friend of mine just because he had once been rich. He was the devil." True words spoken by a witness to the evil person Goeth was. The SS officer Amon Goeth commanded the Plaszow labor camp. He had conducted the final "liquidation" of the Krakow ghetto as well as the ghettoes in near by towns. Goeth had additional experience at three death camps in Poland, Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka. Amon Goeth was born in 1906. Goeth started in the Nazi youth group at the age of seventeen. By the age of twenty-two he joined the SS. He became the commander at Plaszow labor camp. Goeth was a psychotic killer all in all. Life at Plaszow was made dreadful by Amon Goeth. Everyone was at his discretion. A prisoner in Plaszow was lucky if he survived more than four weeks. Collective punishment became frequent, torture and death were daily events. In 1943 on Yom Kippur Goeth and his SS-men took 50 Jews from the barracks and shot them. Goeth killed prisoners as a sport. In the mornings, from his balcony on the villa, he sat with his shot gun and shot prisoners as they pass. He would shoot at anyone he felt like, for no apparent reason, other than he was a cold blooded

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