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Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power Tanessa Wunsch Herzing University- Madison, WI Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power Adolf Hitler is known to many as the man who killed millions of Jews in the Holocaust; his childhood and beliefs would later play a huge role in how he squeezed his way up the political ladder and how he would later destroy the lives of millions of innocent people. Hitler’s background may have played a role in his rise to power; allowing Hitler to create his concentrations camps and his accomplishments to better Germany. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in a small Austrian Village, right on the boarder of Germany. He was born to the parents of Alois Hitler and Klara Hitler, who was the granddaughter of Alois’ uncle. Because Alois had changed his name from Schicklgruber to Hitler, she was considered Alois’ niece, so he had to get special permission to marry her. According to The History Place (1996), there is a small possibility that Adolf’s grandfather may have been Jewish himself, because there is a lot of speculation as to who Alois’ father was. Adolf’s father had two children from a previous marriage, but after marrying Klara they gave birth to two boys and a girl, who all died. Adolf Hitler was the only child they conceived that was born healthy and who survived. When Adolf Hitler was born, he was then baptized at a Catholic Church. He would later grow a strong bond with his mother, but as for his father, he worked more than he spent time with his son and he kept to his main hobby, keeping bees. According to The History Place (1996), Adolf’s mother feared losing him as she did her other children, so she showed great care and affection for Adolf Hitler, and later nicknamed him Adi. When Adolf Hitler was about five years old, his mother gave birth to Adolf Hitler’s brother Edmund in 1903 and three years later gave birth to his sister, Paula. In

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