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Adolf Hitler’s Climb to Power of The Third Reich David Eissner Adolf Hitler preyed upon the fears of the German people using his great speaking and propaganda skills appealing to economic desperation, nationalism, and anti Semitism and anti-Communism to build the Third Reich. Hitler turned Germany into a totalitarian dictatorship where he was the supreme ruler, but at the same time the people of Germany saw him as their hero. At his height of power early in World War II, Germany occupied much of Europe and Hitler’s war machine was feared by the rest of the world. When Hitler committed suicide at the end of World War II, he left Germany and much of the rest of Europe in ruins and Russian, a growing world military threat leading to the Cold War. Also, who can forget the unspeakable genocide Hitler pursued that killed over eleven million people, including six million Jews. Growing up in a high poverty urban area where he was surrounded by radical ideas, Adolf Hitler rose to power as the leader of the Third Reich by convincing the German people that he would correct problems created by the economic depression, and the Versailles Treaty. Adolf, the son of Alois Schickelgruber Hitler, a fifty two year old Austrian customs official and Klara Poelzl, was the first of four children to survive infancy. Born in Braubau am Inn, Austria, Easter Sunday, April 20th 1889, the life of Adolf Hitler began. In his young age, his family led a comfortable middle class life, but his family life was less than harmonious and happy (Shirer 11). These early years were spent under the smothering protectiveness of an anxious mother and a household dominated by the presence of his father, Alois (Kershaw 12). His fathers influence aided the young Adolf into forming submissive views towards women, hatred and brutality towards mankind. As Adolf grew into is adolescence,

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