Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf

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Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler obtained the position of High Chancellor in Germany partly because of his great oratory skills. These skills are evident as he pens his book from prison, Mein Kampf. His words, while very controversial and racially immoral, are packed with national pride and inspired the Aryan race of Germany before World War II. Hitler’s book details many different measures the German nation should take to escape its misery and become the world dominator it is destined to be. Hitler became affiliated with the National Socialist German Workers Party. The party felt capitalism and democracy were failing and worked to secure a strong working middle class. In Mein Kampf, however, Hitler seemed less interested in the socialist aspect of the party. His focus aimed more at German nationalist expansionism and Anti-Semitism: “Hence, if we propound on the question of how the state which we Germans need should be constituted, we must first clearly understand what kind of people it is to contain and what purpose it is to serve” (207). According to Hitler, a blending of cultures changes the goal of the state. He feels that it makes it “much easier to regard the state as a mechanism which exists simply in order to keep itself alive” (209). This goal is much easier to accomplish, but it the state will never reach its full potential this way. Hitler’s goals for Germany involve racial purity, as he says, “The German Reich as a state must embrace all Germans and has the task, not only of assembling and preserving the most valuable stocks of basic racial elements in this people, but slowly and surely raising them to a dominant position” (209). For this cultural blending problem, Hitler points the finger at the Jews. He gives his personal encounters with Jewish people not as an autobiography, but to show how his thoughts about them changed from negligent
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