Adolf Hitler Leadership Essay

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Adolf Hitler Leadership Angie C Cruz Hodges University OLMNA4360 Dr. Karen McKenzie October 25, 2013 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Situation Analysis 3 Problem Identification 5 Best Choice of Action 6 Characters 6 Student Use of Leadership Outcome 8 Conclusion 9 Reference 10 Introduction Adolf Hitler, regardless of his wrong doings and the obvious evil that he empowered, was one of the great leaders of our time and changed the way that our society looked at war. The fact that Hitler came from a front-line soldier with no real future in a leadership role to the chancellor of Germany and the commander of a great army shows his great will and ability to meet his goals and to manipulate people to achieve a vision. This case study will analyze the leadership tactics utilized by Adolf Hitler, as well as the personal issues he had with himself, society and the world he lived in. This paper will also look at Blake and Mouton's Leadership Grid model which will show what kind of leader Hitler was. Hitler should be taken as a "9,1" type leader, the place on the model known as "authority-compliance". This type of leader is said to place heavy emphasis on task and job requirements and only care about people because they are "tools" necessary in getting the job done. The leader is often seen as controlling, demanding, hard-driving, and overpowering (Northouse, 2004, p. 69). The greatest problem with Hitler’s leadership was that he allowed his ego driven desire for power to become greater than his vision for his country. Without the ethical and moral standards, leaders become dictators, and most will become separated from their wits and end up with less than optimal results. In addition, this paper will present the student personal experiences with initiative and leadership. Situation Analysis Adolf Hitler

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