Adolf Hitler: Key Nazi Leaders

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Key Nazi Leaders January 9th 2012 Name: | Date of Birth: | Date of Death (Age): | Role: | How evil were they? (1-10, 1=Good, 10=Evil): | Explanation of Rating: | Adolf Hitler | April 20th 1889 | April 30th 1945 (56) | Leader of the Nazi party, dictator of Germany | 9 | Although Hitler’s crimes were truly atrocious, he did, at times, believe what he was doing was for the best. He also was brought up in a broken household and so this harsh childhood scarred him. His genocide of the Jews was, in part revenge for his mother’s death at the hands of her Jewish doctor. If Hitler had not committed such atrocities, he could have been the most successful politician ever, dragging a slumping Germany from a great Depression into an economic boom. However, his love of war and hate of Jews among other passions corrupted his name forever. | Heinrich Himmler | October…show more content…
He was not involved with any decisions regarding the Final Solution or the Holocaust, his job was to solely present them as good to the German people. He was very manipulative as a result, and so this can be seen as an evil trait. After learning of Hitler’s suicide, Goebbels planned to kill himself and his family, an evil action which he eventually carried out. | Albert Speer | March 19th 1905 | September 1st 1981 (76) | Minister of Armaments and War Production | 4 | Speer is sometimes nicknamed ‘the Nazi who said sorry’. This is because during his Nuremburg trial he accepted his guilt and responsibility for his actions. However, it is thought that Speer knew nothing of the Holocaust and so could have not done anything about it. He was a minister which most countries have during times of war and so did not commit many evil actions, even if the results of his decisions caused many deaths in the war.
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