Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King Comparative Essay

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In today’s society, one does not need to wear a cape or be able to fly to be a hero. Someone does not need to wear black and have an evil laugh to be a villain either. Today, an ordinary, everyday person can be transformed into a hero or villain almost instantly. Heroes and villains might be seen differently through the eyes of individual people. To determine a hero from a villain is separated by a thin line; characteristics of a hero are very similar to a villain. Two people who have made history, shaped their nation and are difficult to classify which label they come under are Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King Jr. Both powerful men have good and bad traits and motives as to why they can be classified as a hero and/or a villain. Is Hitler a hero or villain? That has been one of the most philosophical questions a person can think of in the 20th century. When people look back into Adolf Hitler’s life, they always believe him of some kind of a demonic figure; a symbol of Satan. That is what the capitalist’s want us to believe. All this is because Germany lost the war and society think whoever loses is the bad guy and whoever wins is the good guy. What Hitler had thought at the time might seem outdated to the modern society but in the truest sense it is about world association. Today, this world had fallen under the capitalist regime due to the violence that the U.S has caused in several world nations. Terrorism and all these wars that U.S have forced upon poorer nations under the hood of justice is only for their own petty benefits and nothing else. Hitler believed as a true leader that the world should have one regime, this is the ultimate need to end racism and religious conflicts. Hitler believed in development very much and it had been shown in the advancement of weaponry used by the German soldiers at the time. The best example is the German sniper rifle.
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