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Adolf Hitler was appointed the chancellor of Germany in January of 1933. From that point, Hitler’s popularity with the German people and influence on their lives would only increase. The German people elected Hitler into power in 1933. Hitler came into power completely legally. This was because of severe economic problems and the Treaty of Versailles. The German people wanted a solution and their solution turned out to be, Adolf Hitler. Hitler was elected into power with hopes that he would make Germany powerful and respected as it once was. Hitler is going to do exactly that. Adolf Hitler made dramatic changes to Germany and had many important effects on Germany. Some examples are, Hitler changed Germany’s government into a totalitarian dictatorship, Hitler improved Germany’s economy, and Hitler greatly increased the power of the German military. The beginning of Hitler’s changes to Germany was establishing a totalitarian dictatorship in the government. When Hitler became dictator, he was known as “der Fuhrer”, which means “the leader”. Before Hitler came to power as dictator, Germany was a democracy with their president, Paul von Hindenburg. In the Presidential election of March 13, 1932, the two most popular candidates were Adolf Hitler and Paul von Hindenburg. The two minor candidates were Ernst Thaelmann and Theodore Duesterberg. Hindenburg received the most votes, but not the majority of them. Since Hindenburg did not receive the votes of the majority of the German population, a runoff election was needed (“How Hitler Became Dictator”). On April 19, 1932, the runoff election results gave the majority of the votes to Hindenburg, who beat Hitler by about fifteen percent of the votes (“How Hitler Became Dictator”). However, Paul von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler chancellor in January of 1933. Just as, his popularity and the popularity of the Nazi party were

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