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Adolf Hitler has been called the devil him self. His quest for world domination left Europe in ruins, several countries had been greatly hurt and even completely destroyed because of him. He is responsible for well over 51 million deaths during his time in power. Even in his child hood there were signs of how evil and twisted this man would become. If he hadn’t been stopped he would have continued his reign of terror until the whole world was under his control. Adolf Hitler was born In Braunau, Austria on April 20, 1889. His parents were Alois and Klara Hitler. Adolf’s grades were good in elementary school but in his high school years his grades were poor. Adolf’s father Alois,was harsh and ill tempered he would often strike Adolf in frustration and anger. He wanted Adolf to become a civil servant but Adolf had other plans. He had always dreamed of becoming artists (Toland 52). In 1905 when Adolf was 16 his father Alois, died. Adolf and his family lived off of pension from the government. In pursuit of becoming an artists Hitler moved to Vienna in an attempt to attend the Academy of Fine Arts. After failing the entrance exam into the academy twice Hitler lost desire to attend the school and to become an artist (Kershaw 18). While living in Vienna Hitler lived comfortably. He received a good fortune of money a deceased aunt had left him. He also made a small amount of money by selling paintings and drawings that he had created. Eventually the money ran out, and Hitler fell into poverty. Even though he hated painting it was his only source of income (Toland 60). In 1913 Hitler moved to Munich. Screened for Austrian military service in February 1914, he was classified as an unfit solider because of poor physical vigour. When World War I broke out he immediately volunteered for the German army and joined the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment. On October 1916

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