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Adolescent abuse: 1) Title of article 1: Physical Discipline, Escalation, and Child Abuse Potential: psychometric Evidence for the Analog Parenting Task 2) Title of article 2: Predictors of physical assault victimization: Findings from the National Survey of Adolescents * In both of the articles I found for adolescent physical abuse they seemed to touch on how adolescents that do experience physical abuse more often than not tend to have a higher likelihood of aggression and antisocial behaviors. In the first article I read it focused more on parents abusing their children it stated, “ abusive parents frequently engage in excessive harsh physical discipline and the use of physical punishment.” It was stated that some researchers have proposed that corporal punishment and physical abuse maybe be continuous constructs that differ in degree of severity. In the second article if focuses more on victimization towards the child by anyone, not pin pointing a specific person doing the abuse. They looked more on the symptoms of the children being physically abused and based it off of the DSM-IV requirements. Based on the DSM-IV there had to be three avoidances, one intrusion and two arousal symptoms. With any type of abuse the family and friends or anyone in the child’s life will be questioned if there is any signs that would indicate abuse. (In both articles they had certain research criteria they had to look for an follow to detect abuse and ways to help the already abuse and ways to prevent adolescent abuse from happening again. Adolescent delinquency and gangs: 1) Title of article 1: Serious delinquency and gang membership. 2) Tile of article 2: Juvenile Delinquency * In article one it’s study stated that their findings where that gang members commit more offenses and are more aggressive than other delinquents. Past gang members tend to report the same

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