Adolescent's Committing Violent Cromes Essay

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Maria Mello Mr. Ericksen English 4, period 3 5 November 2012 Adolescent’s Committing Violent Crimes Teenagers, who commit violent crime such as murder, first degree murder, second degree murder, homicides, voluntary manslaughter, and involuntary manslaughter should be tried as adults. These teenagers knew exactly what they were doing and they also had the intent to kill. Families are blaming it on violent movies or violent TV shows, hello it is called parental control. Maybe if we start trying them as adults teens would think twice. Adolescents should be tried as adults for committing violent crimes because they knew what they were going to do before they committed the crime. According to the “Startling Finds on Teenage Brains” article by Paul Thompson, studies have shown recently that “teen brains do lose a massive amount of brain tissue in the teenage years.” Teens are also losing brain cells and connections, but they are only losing them in the area controlling impulses, such as risk taking and self-control (Thompson1). This does not make any sense whatsoever, the only thing that makes sense that teens lose brain tissue and brain cells in their teen years. But come on there are teens that lose the same amount brain tissue and they are controlling themselves. They are not out killing people because some lame excuse that they cannot control themselves. Violent and bloody gore movies are awesome to us teens these days. In the “Kids are Kids” article by Lundstorm violent TV shows have influenced a preponderance amount of youth violence (Lundstorm2). It is the parents fault if their teen is violent because they let them watch violent movies and TV shows. The other reason it is the parents fault is because they did not set boundaries for those kids. If guardians would set a parental control so their children could not see those cruel disturbing

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